CSeries progress in pictures

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Bombardier is increasing its CSeries program transparency a bit.  Take a look here for images.

There clearly has been a lot of progress. There are three airplanes in the factory at various levels of completion. We understand the engine certification is occurring soon.  Bombardier continues to be cagey about first flight but if the greater transparency is any indication, they probably will be flying before the Paris show this year.

It sure is a pretty airplane.  Note the finish in the first picture.


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8 comments on “CSeries progress in pictures
  1. Normand Hamel says:

    Fantastic pictures! It’s too bad we cannot download them like on Flickr. If you expect the first flight before the Paris Air Show, when do you expect the Rollout to take place?

  2. ypsilon says:

    A nice airframe. In my theory Airbus looked at the wing dimensions, weights and engines and concluded a stretch CS500 is already engineered in. Regardless of what BBD says. IMO that is what triggered the NEO. And then NEO triggered MAX.

  3. Pierrebus says:

    I was thinking the same thing when i saw the pictures: seems definitely designed for extra plugs = CS500. That name is already registered by BBD. You are missing one picture that BBD released on twitter: the front view http://ow.ly/i/1oVal
    What do you mean by “watch the finish”?

    The front view shows the Liebherr nose wheel in place.
    I check the photo attributes and the picture was taken Jan 14th. So they are almost 10 days old. Probably taken during Pierre Beauboin’s visit to Mirabel that was mentioned in Davos. One cool thing in the pictures is how the emergency door opens over the wings. Do other planes have the same design or is this new?

  4. Pierrebus says:

    Sorry for the typos… Ipad…anyway, the other interesting thing in the frontal picture linked in my previous comment is that only one of the two winglets is installed. I thought they said ALL had been mated including BOTH winglets. Maybe just bc these pictures are 10 days old.

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