Is China’s aircraft manufacturing standing still?

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An old Chinese saying goes “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still”.   Perhaps these words help Chinese aerospace managers deal with more delay news.

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One comment on “Is China’s aircraft manufacturing standing still?
  1. BernardP says:

    Flightgolbal recently published a report on its tour of the factory where the C919 is being assembled:

    The last paragraphs are particularly telling…


    “Following the roll-out in November 2015, large sections of the aircraft have been taken off.

    The two CFM Leap-1C engines have been removed, as have all the control surfaces on the trailing edge of the wing. There are also no leading edge flaps mounted. The aircraft’s elevators, however, are mounted on the horizontal stabilisers.

    While the landing gear is mounted, the landing gear doors have been removed. The aircraft is also supported by pneumatic jacks.

    In the interior of the jet, there is no apparent wiring and there is a still a temporary wooden floor underfoot. All cabin doors and emergency exits have been removed.

    In addition, the cockpit is devoid of any flight controls or instruments. A company official says these were in place for the roll-out, but subsequently taken out.”


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