Our Consulting Practice Blends Traditional and Cutting-Edge Thinking


Traditional Areas


Making the right moves in business is not an easy process.  Anticipating market and technology changes, competitive reactions and the business environment is an art that requires analysis and interpretation, as well as a science that requires analytical rigor.

We help clients shape, rather than react to, their business environment. We’ve helped companies reposition to take advantage of shifts in technology, capitalize on competitive advantage, and help mold innovative ideas for new products.


Corporate Development

From identifying opportunities to due diligence, we assist clients in closing transactions and helping ensure that mergers and acquisitions are successfully implemented.

Our work has included developing an aerospace division for a Fortune 500 company to fund raising for companies serving the aviation industry. We are frequently called upon by leading financial consulting firms to assist in due diligence activities and bankruptcy situations because of our specialized industry knowledge and expertise.

Marketing and Market Research

The marketing and sales process is much like a race; typically there is only one winner. Maximizing revenue requires an understanding of customer needs and positioning products to meet those needs.

We’ve assisted our clients with focused market research to develop new products, assess a company’s market image with its customers, and to determine how best to position a product against the competition. The bottom line is that there is only one leader, and we deliver value by helping our clients achieve a competitive advantage.

 Forecasting and Strategic Advisory

Our partner, AIR, provides industry-leading independent forecasting solutions, strategic advisory and industry intelligence. Through a combination of data driven solutions and aerospace and defense market expertise, AIR delivers a range of market analysis solutions serving aircraft OEMs, financial organizations and large Tier 1s all the way to smaller aerospace firms. Please contact AIR directly for further information.

Leading Edge Practices

Social Media Strategies

Social Media is the “Wild West” of the Internet. Anyone can post almost anything, and attract an audience, without regard to truth or accuracy.

Exploiting social media requires strategies to disseminate information as widely as possible while minimizing the impact of the inevitable critics that will emerge in an equal access world. It also means knowing how your target audiences use social media, and what tools are most effective.

We have assisted clients in developing and executing strategies to exploit social media and maximize the positive impact of these emerging new outlets for information.

Content Development

An outside perspective frequently separates the wheat from the chaff in developing messages and content.  Identifying key priorities and addressing them is vital in marketing communication, and we are experienced in that process.

An independent viewpoint in developing content is often helpful, particularly when offering a perspective like that of potential customers.  AirInsight develops its own content and analyses. In recent years, this has included reports highlighting new technology aircraft, engines, and market trends.

Targeted Marketing

The world of information now enables companies to closely focus messages and information to specific targets. In today’s aviation world, that means OEMs better targeting airlines, suppliers tailoring support programs, and new opportunities based on information and information technology.

The era of big data is here – but having data and using it wisely are two different things. Understanding how a new product or service can make a difference for a specific customer is a requirement in today’s competitive environment.

Influence Guidance and Media Advisory

We are frequently contacted by trade and news media to explain information released by airlines, OEMs and other industry participants In response to these inquiries, we are able to help guide media thinking and point them in the direction to and the truth and balance to a story

We assist clients in guiding how to best present a situation to maximize impact and minimize downside risks. Because we have been consistently provided balanced and level-­headed reactions to news media, reporters trust our judgment, often utilizing our independent perspective in developing their stories

The AirInsight Advantage

Our firm and staff have deep experience in the aviation sector, and the issues industry faces. We work interactively with our clients and integrate this experience and insights of our clients into our work. We rely on disciplined, fact-based analysis. We place a major emphasis on creativity in the problem-solving process. We view problems from a top management perspective asking what we would do if we owned the business.

We blend the level of expertise, experience, and sophistication normally associated with larger firms with the senior-level attention that can only be provided by a smaller firm.

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