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Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) have been around or a number of years.  Their impact has been felt quickly across the airline, indeed the entire aviation market.  Not only do these devices improve safety, they also have made crew life a little easier.

Initial focus quickly moved from installed devices to portable devices. This was led by the amazing Apple iPad.  But quickly copied by others using Android and Windows operating systems.

The technology evolution has out stripped the regulators who cannot keep pace. Typically by the time regulators approve a new piece of technology, the state of art technology is two generations newer.  And that’s just the hardware.  Software gets updated much more frequently.

AirInsight has been involved with EFB research for a number of years.  We conduct an in-depth annual survey with airlines around the globe.  Participating airlines get the report at no cost, while firms with an interest in this business can purchase the report from our online store.  We also offer access to the survey database where clients can perform their own analysis.