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May 24, 2024
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Boeing just released their third quarter delivery numbers. Comparing the orders and deliveries year to date provides the following chart.

10-3-2013 12-31-59 PMBut look at this data in another way.

10-3-2013 12-34-31 PM

Now you have a better sense of the programs.  The inner circle are the orders and the outer circle are the deliveries.

  • The double zero in orders are for the 747 and 767.  While its true the USAF tanker program keeps the 767 program alive, its commercial order days seem to be done.  The 747 program numbers are not news and we’ve opined on this already.
  • 737 – 82% of orders and 69% of deliveries. The 737 has already surpassed the DC3.  It is a program in a class of its own.  A design from the mid-sixties and its roaring along.  Truly an incredible performance.  Boeing currently produces two per day, every day.  And the market wants more.
  • 777 – Deliveries outpace orders.  Clearly the market is waiting for the 777X and then we expect to see a significant change in the order numbers.  These will show up in Boeing’s fourth quarter numbers.
  • 787 – Orders have come on strong again this year with the -10 and -9 attracting most interest.  The -8 only got 14% of 3Q13 YTD orders. Deliveries are better in 2013 than last year.  Boeing would dearly like to deliver faster, but as we have seen, this can lead to all sorts of customer challenges.  Its better not to deliver airplanes that keep Boeing Commercial Aviation Service busy doing unscheduled repairs.

1 thought on “Boeing’s 3Q13 numbers

  1. The 737 model line should see service for between 90 and 100 years! The first 737’s were delivered 45 years ago. Each generation has sold for an average of 15 years. The MAX is due in 4 years. If it sells for 15 years and the final production planes last as long as 30 years, that would be 94 years since the first 737 deliveries! Counting stragglers, the number could easily reach 100 years in commercial service. That’s one successful product line!

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