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Advisory Solutions

AirInsight Consulting (AIC) houses the advisory services practice for AirInsight Group.  Our advisory solutions range from strategy and market analysis to due diligence and litigation support.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on five pillars that guide our advisory solutions activities:

Delivering Exceptional Value By combining the resources and sophistication normally associated with a larger firm with the personal attention that can only be provided by a smaller firm, we deliver exceptional value to our clients.

A Balance of Creativity and Analytical Rigor. We seek to combine creativity and out-of-the-box thinking with analytical rigor to provide innovative solutions which are firmly grounded and achievable.

A Search for the Truth. A straightforward approach, supported in the harsh light of analytical rigor, is necessary to successfully deliver results.

Integrity and Intellectual Honesty. Our hallmark is our reputation for integrity.  We will advise our clients on our perceived best course of action rather than accept an assignment to support an incorrect course. We have consistently declined to undertake assignments when asked to support predetermined conclusions.

Our team provides results through actionable intelligence, facts, and data-driven research


The AI Advantage

Using AirInsight Group for advisory solutions engagements provides several advantages:

  • Our firm and staff have deep experience in the aviation, aerospace, and air transportation sectors and the issues which industry participants face.
  • We work interactively with our clients, and integrate the experience and insights of our clients into our projects rather than working on our own.
  • We rely on disciplined, fact-based analytical work and place major emphasis on creativity in the problem-solving process.
  • We view the problem from a top management perspective, asking what would we do if we owned the business.
  • We blend the level of expertise, experience and sophistication normally associated with larger firms with the senior level attention that can only be provided by a smaller firm.