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March 2, 2024


Making the right moves in business is not an easy process.  Anticipating market and technology changes, competitive dynamics, changes in the business environment, and evaluating risks is not an easy task.  We assist our clients to pro-actively shape their business environment, rather than reacting to it.

Some notable examples of our strategy work include:

  • Assisting an avionics and analytics company in market positioning for a suite of innovative services for airlines that provide tangible benefits and optimize the value proposition for customers.
  • Assisting an aircraft manufacturer in considering market entry into a new segment through researching competitive dynamics, market opportunities, risks, and jointly developing the most appropriate market entry strategy to profitably gain market share and reach long-term parity with its major competitor, the incumbent in that segment.
  • Assisting a GDS company to reposition its business to take advantage of emerging technology opportunities, enabling a leading market position in a new market segment.  This resulted in a dramatic improvement in revenues and their long-term competitive position.
  • Assisting a commercial aircraft manufacturer in repositioning its customer support strategy, leveraging technology to reduce aftermarket burdens on its airline customers.  That repositioning and technology improvements to a single point of contact eliminated a potential competitive disadvantage and turned it into a competitive strength.
  • Assisting a private equity firm in repositioning one of its portfolio companies through a revitalization strategy that included a strategic acquisition and capitalizing on product synergies to enhance revenues from the existing customer base.
  • Assisting a supplier for aircraft engines in repositioning its aftermarket business, including the development of new distribution technology and market entry into PMA parts.

We leverage deep aviation expertise with an independent viewpoint and are known for “out of the box” thinking and innovation.  How can we help your company identify and exploit unique opportunities?