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April 17, 2024

Market Intelligence and Positioning

In aviation, a decision can have a 20-30 year impact, as aircraft have long lives and require spare parts and maintenance.  Winning or losing an initial order is critical to long-term commercial success.  Activity for key programs is much like a series of races, each of which has one winner.  Just as a race car must be tuned for each track, market intelligence is essential to understand customer needs and to position sales efforts to win.

We have substantial experience in working confidentially for clients who need to better understand their markets, their customer needs, and gather competitive intelligence.  Our assignments have included:

  • Market Image –  Surveying the industry on behalf of a client, speaking both in-person and remotely with customers to understand what our client is doing well, and what they are not, providing customers a channel for feedback without attribution.
  • Competitive Intelligence – When the time is taken to analyze open-source information, a multiplicity of data sources paint an interesting picture of a competitor’s position and likely strategic moves.  We are adept at gathering information from both domestic and international sources to fill in gaps in competitive intelligence and reduce the risk of a misjudgment of competitor tactics.  We do not engage in corporate espionage and rely strictly on open-source material in our competitive intelligence assignments.
  • Customer Research – From focus groups to surveys to key customer interviews, we are adept at using market research techniques to determine customer needs and how well they are being met by industry participants.  Our market research experience includes:
    • Commercial Aircraft
    • Corporate and General Aviation Aircraft
    • Aircraft Engines
    • Avionics
    • Aircraft Components and Parts
    • Interior Components
    • Information Technology and GDS Systems
    • Airlines and Airline Services
    • MRO and Maintenance Services
    • New Product Evaluations

Our strategic focus, industry expertise, and multi-segment expertise enable us to quickly and efficiently evaluate market potential, help develop marketing strategies, and ensure that customers clearly understand the value of a product or service.