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Litigation Support

Our team has extensive experience in litigation support, and expert testimony on a wide variety of aviation and aviation-related economic issues.  Examples include:

  • Expert testimony in US District Court related to aircraft engine warranty provisions and economic damages to multiple owners of light aircraft powered by engines from a company that became bankrupt.
  • Expert testimony in US District Court in a dispute related to the conversion of commercial jetliners to freighter configuration, including aircraft valuation and economic damages that resulted from failure to deliver the aircraft in a timely manner.
  • Expert support and affidavits in a Canadian case involving a dispute over an aircraft that was damaged prior to delivery to the customer during a test flight.
  • Expert report and affidavits in a Hong Kong case involving disputed charges related to the maintenance of private jetliners that underwent an overhaul to “head of state” standards, with a focus on component replacement cost discrepancies.
  • Expert testimony before the United States Court of Federal Claims regarding the market for a specific aircraft and whether governmental actions were detrimental to the potential market success of the aircraft.
  • Expert testimony in several cases regarding economic damages to aircraft resulting when aircraft were struck by other aircraft while on the ground and parked at airport FBOs.

Please contact Ernest Arvai at +1.603.894.0000 for additional details regarding our litigation support expertise and experience and a confidential discussion of your situation.