What are Decision Analytics?
Decision Analytics is a service developed by AirInsight that leverages existing datasets and proprietary databases to create meaningful data visualization for our clients. It is often complex to generate insightful and actionable information from massive datasets. Our approach to combine data from multiple sources and present it in a distinctive dashboard format that focuses on key issues provides actionable data to our clients to more confidently support their decisions through comprehensive analytics

Why develop Decision Analytics?
AirInsight developed the core behind our Decision Analytics services as part of our own internal requirements. It quickly became clear that our clients could also benefit from these tools. Leveraging our industry expertise and experience, AirInsight Group’s analysts add value by defining data metrics and measures that provide insights to support decision-making and evaluate alternatives. Examining these decision metrics provides clients with the ability to support decisions without inference rather than a CATIII decision process.

How we go from problematic to analytics
Commercial aviation is a complex industry that is becoming increasingly data-driven. Today’s aircraft and engines now have myriad sensors to provide predictive inferences.  The industry is awash in the fog of data. Making sense of this data and deriving actionable information requires the deployment of tools that both distill and highlight what is important, separating the wheat from the chaff.

AirInsight ’s analysts have the expertise to customize analytical for our clients based on their specific requirements and needs, whether evaluating the competitiveness of a specific aircraft models or projecting future market dynamics utilizing forecasting models.  We have developed an initial inventory of 25 models built from 10 datasets that form the core of our initial offering, with additional models being developed each month.

What databases are available today
We currently offer 25 models, build from 10 datasets that are updated as new data become available.  Databases that underlie our analytic activities include:

  • Air Carrier Financial Reports ( Financial Data)
  • Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic) – U.S. Carriers
  • Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic) – All Carriers
  • Air Carrier Summary Data (Form 41 and 298C Summary Data)
  • Airline On-Time Data
  • Airline Origin and Destination Survey (DB1B)
  • Monthly transactions
  • Airbus and Boeing Orders & Deliveries
  • Monthly traffic data for India; Annual traffic data for Singapore and Australia

AirInsight serves clients around the globe.  Consequently, we deliver our data via two primary methods.

Portal Option
We create a dedicated page on our site that our clients access when and as needed.  User access to the portal is controlled by AirInsight to ensure that those with the proper credentials can access the datasets.  This option works well for clients with a need for only a limited number of people to access the models.

Client Intranet
A client may also have requirements for the distribution of our data across multiple sites or groups within the enterprise.   To that extent,  Airinsight can provide you with the model codes that are then published within the client’s intranet.   A power BI application will be necessary to correctly display the visuals.

Model Updates – As we the with fresh data or new metrics, these models are saved and then re-published.  Client models are then automatically updated and made available for download on your intranet.

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