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Model (click to load) Description
On-time Model 8 Page model using the DoT On-Time Database, You to see airport and airline performance.
Fleet Matching Model Two page model. View airlines by aircraft type. View passenger volume by airline and aircraft type.
Airbus O&D Airbus O&D from 2000 to most recent month published. 7 pages
Boeing O&D Boeing O&D from 2000 to most recent month published. 9 pages
Monthly aircraft transactions From January 2017
Airbus and Boeing Orders & Deliveries Compared Comparing the two OEMs. 23 pages
US Airline Metrics 1 Four pages of key metrics for US airlines. i.e. Load factor, Stage length, Flights/Day, etc.
New Delivery Tracker Get an idea of what deliveries look like before the OEMs do their monthly updates.
US Airline Metrics 2 One page model that is US Domestic Market Focused. Select airline and origin city.
DB1B Coupon Model Two-page model. Uses DB1B Coupon data. Select airline to see nine models. Page 2 shows the flow of traffic by airline and year.
Markets Page Air Traffic for selected markets
On-Time Fleet Tracker Three-page US Airline Fleet Tracker.
US domestic daily traffic Daily US Domestic flights and average loads
Snapshot US Airline industry snapshots (14 pages)



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