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April 13, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing says it found second software flaw on 737 Max – Source: FT
  • Ethiopian Airlines pilots re-engaged safety system amid chaotic scene in Boeing 737 Max cockpit – Source: ABC
  • Explainer: Ethiopia crash raises questions over handling of faults on 737 MAX – Source: Reuters
  • Crisis Management, according to Bob Crandall – Source: LinkedIn

Business Aviation

  • Forest Service buys its first lead plane in almost 40 years – Source: FireAviation


  • WOW Air’s Demise Is A Case Study In Flawed Fleet Decisions – Source: AvWeek
  • Nok Air cash flow, debt alarms CAAT – Source: BangkokPost
  • Jet crisis deepens, lessors to de-register more planes over 10 days – Source: Reuters
  • Pilot shortage leaves Flybe passengers stranded at last minute – Source: TheTimes
  • US investor to try to launch new ULCC based on XTRA Airways – Source: ch-aviation


  • Other carriers to fly in to occupy Jet Airways airspace – Source: EconTimes


  • Scaled Composites’ stealthy mystery jet is now at the Navy’s top flight test base – Source: TheDrive
  • U.S. count of Pakistan’s F-16 fleet has found that all the jets are present and accounted for – Source: ForeignPolicy

Social Media of the Day

  • 747-8 Captain shared pics with Singapore Airlines 777 pilots midair – Source: Twitter
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