We updated our US business jet data model.  Subscribers have access to the expanded 9-pager. Meanwhile, we want to share two views on the data that give quite differing views on what the data show.  Looking at the 1Q22 data, here are some interesting views.  By the way, the year started out slumping but recovered very well by the end of the 1Q.

Cessna is by far the biggest OEM by operations to date. By the way, going back a few years the same players are in the same spots. As you can see Gates Learjet shows up as does the more current Learjet.  Clearly, if  Bombardier had melded the brands the picture might have looked a lot different. But this is not the time to go into that strategy discussion.

Same data, but now a view by model rather than OEM.  As you can see, a quite different picture emerges.  Embraer’s Phenom is #2.  Cessna has several models and they scatter quickly.  The old BAe-125 still shows up among the leaders.

Finally, breaking the data into categories and models, we get this view. Medium size aircraft are far busier and the order of that activity is as expected based on the charts above. 

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