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Embraer announced that it is forming innovation teams in Silicon Valley and in Boston, in the United States. The objective is to explore business opportunities in the future of air transportation, with the collaboration of startups, investors, academia, and corporations. The team will seek partnerships that enable new business models and technologies. Operations will begin this month.

Giving us some background on the project is Mr Antonio Campello, Embraer’s Director of Corporate Innovation.  We spoke with him by phone.


Last week saw the usual excellent presentations from the industry was presented at ISTAT Americas 2017, an annual event of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading, 5-7 March.  A key takeaway for us what the focus Airbus and Boeing placed on capabilities.   Airbus stressed the capabilities of the A321neo and the A330neo.   Boeing did the same for the 787.   Whereas just a few years ago, the stress was on fuel burn savings, the new mantra is about what these aircraft can do with airline route structures.  There is useful guidance here for Bombardier and Embraer.

All four still talk about fuel efficiency – but it is no longer the primary point.  The emphasis has changed; from fuel savings to capabilities, particularly range. It appears the two big OEMs see that now is the time to discuss how the aircraft can do so much more in terms of range.  Airbus,… Continue reading

American Airlines is the second in our airline fleet reviews.  The airline today has a fleet based on  various mergers, the most recent being US Airways (which had previously merged with America West). This followed a wave of airline consolidation that started some years ago with Delta and Northwest.

The US airline consolidation that took place over the the past decade saw the creation of “mega-carriers”: American Airlines and US Airways, United and Continental Airlines, and Delta-Northwest. At the end of  2016 another merger occurred between Alaska and jetBlue.  The outcome of this is that there are now ten large US carriers from 18 a decade ago. With the latest merger the industry now sees four carriers with over 80% of domestic capacity. There are three network carriers (American, United, Delta) plus one formerly ‘low cost’, carrier (Southwest).

Of the mega-carriers, all US-based, American has the largest fleet.  The airline… Continue reading

China’s Civil Aviation Administration re;eased its latest (13th) five year plan on February 3.   In this plan there are five areas of focus:

  • sustained safety of civil aviation,
  • building a national integrated airport system,
  • comprehensively improving aviation service capability,
  • strengthening support and service quality of air traffic management and
  • speeding up transition through reform and innovation.

Of these items some caught our eye.  For example, “The second target is to enhance the strategic role of civil aviation to continuously raise its contribution to the national economy and further increase the proportion of air transport in the integrated transport system”.  Then there was this: “The third target is to comprehensively enhance the support capability of civil aviation. A well-planned and efficient airport network consisting of about 260 transport airports will be built.”

These issues are of special interest in light of something CAAC announced last year called Rule 96.  Details are… Continue reading

Widerøe confirmed it will be the E190-E2 launch operator. Delivery of the first aircraft is scheduled for the first half of 2018.  Embraer is confident of its schedule.   Currently Widerøe operates a Bombardier turboprop fleet of 41 aircraft.  The selection of the Embraer was something of a surprise to many.  But the CS100 is too large for the airline’s requirements.  This decision is interesting as it may be a guide for other airlines that are also considering aircraft of this size.  The Widerøe E190-E2’s will have a single class with 114 seats.

Widerøe is based in Norway and is a  regional operator.  The airline’s deal with Embraer for up to 15 E2 aircraft;  three firm E190-E2 orders and purchase rights for a dozen more.  Widerøe CEO Stein Nilsen said in a statement that the three firm order aircraft would be deployed on regular flights from its Bergen and Oslo hubs. … Continue reading

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