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December 1, 2023
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Lessor Air Lease Corporation (ALC) has significantly scaled back plans to sell any aircraft during the rest of the year and potentially into early 2022 as well. Delivery delays of new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing have caused ALC to review its policy, President and CEO John Plueger said on August 5 during the HY1 results webcast. ALC scales back sales as new deliveries arrive late.

ALC’s fleet commitments for the second half of this year are for 52 aircraft, including 19 Airbus A320/A321neo’s, 1 A330-900, 3 A350s, 19 Boeing MAX, and 10 787s. But the lessor is unlikely to get these numbers this year. “There are significant delays on the A321neo, for which ALC is the largest lessor customer. Some aircraft are as much as a year late”, said Plueger. He said delays have been Covid and supply chain-related.


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