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May 26, 2024
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SWISS today completed its first flight from Zurich to London City Airport with the Bombardier CS100 aircraft, which is now the largest and longest-range aircraft to serve this aircraft close to London’s financial district.

The following infographic from Bombardier illustrates the 5.5 degree steep approach to the small 4,900 ft. landing strip at LCY.

“We are proud to see the C Series aircraft in SWISS livery landing at London City Airport for the first time. This new milestone continues the momentum propelling the C Series aircraft program,” said Fred Cromer, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “The CS100 aircraft has the perfect combination of steep approach and short field capability as well as longer range. These attributes provide airlines with the opportunity to reach new markets from London City Airport and other challenging airports around the globe, generating an increased level of interest in the C Series program.”

“As part of our fleet modernization plan, we are gradually replacing the Avro aircraft with the C Series and today, we start with our CS100 flight operations from Zurich to London City as the world’s first airline. We are excited to offer our guests the benefits of the C Series such as more comfort on this important route,” said Peter Koch, C Series Fleet Chief, SWISS.

The exceptional range of the CSeries is illustrated in this infographic from Bombardier. This enables the CS100 to serve markets that other aircraft simply cannot, opening LCY to more than 115 potential new destinations that are currently not served on a non-stop basis.

As an airport within a city, environmental and noise concerns are critical. The CSeries is the quietest aircraft in its class, and has the lowest carbon emissions in its class as well. The environmental aspects of this aircraft make it ideal for close-in airports, whether in London City, or Stockholm Bromma, or other “downtown” airports.

The Bottom Line:

London City Airport is known as a challenging airport for which special requirements need to be met to qualify for landing. The CS100 easily passed all of those requirements, and SWISS is now exploiting the advantages of operating the largest,longest-range, most efficient, and most environmentally friendly aircraft that can currently serve LCY.

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