Bombardier’s CSeries beats the A318/A319, A319 and Boeing /700 on cost per available seat mile, according to a new study issued this week by AirInsight.

The CSeries also beats the competition on a plane-mile cost.

The conclusions, reached by AirInsight’s own analysis, are illustrated in the chart below.

Source: AirInsight. Click on chart to enlarge.

The data is contained in a new Study issued by AirInsight December 6, “The Business Case for the CSeries.”

The Study is a follow-on to a Report we did in December 2009 about the prospect of and Boeing re-engining the A320 and 737 families. As and ramped up studies this year, and particularly inspired by the Airbus assertions that if it re-engined the A320 family “there would be no business case for the CSeries,” we decided to take a fresh look at the re-engining prospect and the emerging competition to the A320 and 737. We were especially interested in affirming or refuting the persistent Airbus assertions.

We’ve concluded Airbus is just plain wrong, as illustrated in the chart above.

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