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Fleet fun

For avgeeks (and other regular people), here's a data model of the active US airline fleet. For optimal viewing, click the double-headed arrow on the bottom right of the model.

DOT’s on-time data updated

With this data updated, several data models will be updated over the next few days.  Here's the first one: our fleet activity tracker. This five-page model shows how aircraft types in the US airline fleet have performed.  We combine data from the DOT and Flightradar24...

American latest member of Embraer Energia Advisory Group

Embraer has got itself a new, influential member on board the Energia Advisory Group of sustainable aircraft for the future. American Airlines has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to join the group, which was established last year. “The MoU with Embraer will see...

Aircraft Carbon Update

The US DoT updated its T-100 datasets, which means an update for the T-2, which is the most useful for many of our models. Below is our updated ESG model. Please click the double-headed arrow for optimal viewing on your monitor.