COMAC is seeing some real progress as key parts arrive for assembly of the first C919.

15021111560080Chinese media report the aft bulkhead section of the first C919, manufactured by Aerospace Haiying Zhenjiang Special Limited Company, was delivered to COMAC February 11.  This section reportedly employs the largest proportion of composite materials, with 37 composite material components.

Based on related airworthiness and quality requirements, Airworthiness Certification Center of CAAC conducted a comprehensive review of the aft section of the first C919’s rear fuselage and issued an airworthiness approval tag for it.

15021612154549Next came the tail. AVIC Shenyang Commercial Corporation Limited (SACC) officially delivered the empennage of the first C919 to COMAC on February 13.  The fin includes the vertical stabilizer and rudder. Most of the components are made of composite materials.  The tail was transported to COMAC’s Pudong base on February 15.

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