There was a lot of interest when retired its last MD-11 from service recently. We don’t expect the same warmth to be extended to the retiring of the last passenger A300.  Which is a pity.

1502409Iran’s Mahan Air concluded A300B2 operations with its, and the world’s, last remaining commercial aircraft of the type, EP-MHA (cn 160), having been ferried to Kerman where it is to be scrapped.  The carrier operated three of the type, all of which were former TOA Domestic Airlines (Japan) aircraft.

According to Planespotters this aircraft first flew in September 1981, making it just short of 33 1/1 years old.  That’s a long run in service.  It is the A300 that got Airbus going and alone makes this a special moment. Of course there are many A300s flying as freighters.  FedEx took the last A300-600F delivery in 2007.

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