News reports indicate that “United is on the edge of separation from Boeing’s NMA program.”   The carrier is seeking a more fuel efficient replacement for the 130 Boeing 757 and 767 models currently in its fleet, and has been involved in talks with Boeing about the aircraft for some time.  United’s CFO, Gerry Laderman, said “Since we don’t have much time to make a decision, we would like to know about Boeing’s plans about a new mid-sized plane.”

With the 737 MAX currently grounded and Boeing’s highest priority, the decision on the NMA has been pushed into 2020.  But as the 757 and 767 fleets age, airlines like American, Delta, and United have key decisions to make.  American has already opted for the A321neo and A321XLR to replace the 757 on domestic and international routes.  Delta is also an A321 customer.

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