The release of additional e-mails from Boeing employees regarding the FAA and the certification process for the 737 MAX contain materials that are quite disturbing.  More than one hundred pages of internal messages were delivered Thursday to congressional investigators, and are damaging to Boeing.  Boeing itself has issued a statement that appropriately indicates that personnel actions will be taken in response as the company investigates the issues, and decries the messages as inconsistent with Boeing values.

Inflammatory language appears throughout the memos, including “this airplane is designed by clowns, who are in turn supervised by monkeys,” and “would you put your family on a MAX simulator trained aircraft” with “I wouldn’t” as a reply.  Another message described the FAA as like “dogs watching TV” in reference to a presentation to regulators.

Peter DeFazio, who is leading the House of Representatives investigation into the development and certification of the MAX, called them “incredibly damning.”  The Department of Justice remains involved in an on-going investigation to determine whether criminal actions took place.

One of the messages discussed Boeing fighting Lion Air regarding simulator training when they were first taking delivery of the MAX and recommending it be dropped from their training curriculum. This message was quite damning, and may result in future criminal prosecution.

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