Lufthansa Technik announced today that with its newly developed product SPAIRS (Service Provider for Aircraft Interior Refurbishment Solutions), it is offering a product complementary to its cabin modification services: Customers have the option of repairing or renewing individual parts or elements of the aircraft cabin, without having to modify the entire cabin.

A special focus is on repairs and the development and manufacture of aircraft interior parts. For instance, floor or wall panels can be repaired or renewed, lavatories and galleys can be modified, and aircraft seat cushions can be replaced. The product portfolio covers the entire aircraft cabin. This is clearly an opportunity to step in and fix problems across a range of aircraft fitted with Zodiac interiors. It is also perfect timing for any A380s that are being retired and switching to much higher seat capacities.  Technik is certainly among the most qualified MROs in the world.

“For many of our customers, the aircraft cabin is one of the most important ways they differentiate themselves in a business that is otherwise usually highly standardized. We want to use our newly developed product to lend the cabin a newer, more attractive look,” said Thorsten Peters, SPAIRS Sales Manager at Lufthansa Technik.  The service also includes the compilation of the material and its certification. As a production and maintenance operation, Lufthansa Technik can offer both the repair of cabin elements under its EASA Part-145 approval and the development and production of new parts for the cabin, thanks to its EASA Part-21/J and -21/G approvals.

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