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July 14, 2024
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The sense at ISTAT 2011 that P&W had attracted a lot of attention and was building momentum has been confirmed with news that the PurePower engine (we prefer GTF)  has won a critical order. This is a fabulous win for P&W at IndiGo.

P&W has opened up a awesome lead over CFM’s LEAP-X.  To date the LEAP-X has been selected by COMAC for the C919.  It has not won any Airbus neo orders yet though that is bound to change because CFM has a big customer base that will stick with them.

The IndiGo order provides P&W with a big volume in orders – 300 engines is a fabulous boost.

3 thoughts on “Pratt & Whitney Opens Up A Huge Lead

  1. This and the end (hopefully) of the Rolls/GE alternative F-35 engine leaves them doing quite well. Mike Bair said a couple of weeks ago the Boeing was glad to have Pratt back.

  2. The F-136 has more lives than a cat, so I wouldn’t count them out yet. GE/RR said they were going to “self fund” the thing. Who knows?

    That said, Pratt is on a roll, both commercially with the GTF and in the defense arena with the KC-46 win. The latter will mean approximately 400 PW 4062s for the tanker if spares are included; more if this airframe is chosen for other applications by USAF for the sake of commonality and simplifying logistic support.

    It is good to have Pratt back!

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