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Earlier today we heard from Airbus America’s Chairman about the WTO ruling announced today. Now we have the perspective of that same ruling from the other side. Boeing spokesman Tim Neale provides their perspective of the WTO situation. Interestingly both voices seem to be looking at a future where the rules are indisputable and no longer argued over. Whereas the EU and USA might be closer to this, it is not so clear that other aerospace nations are on the same page. So even if the appeals to the WTO’s two rulings are completed in two years, this fight may see more skirmishes.


Today the WTO released its findings on subsidies enjoyed by Boeing – a response to the WTO’s earlier findings about subsidies enjoyed by Airbus. The numbers are huge – bottom line according to Airbus, based on WTO data of sales campaigns is $45bn. That is what Airbus says it lost in sales. Airbus Americas’ Chairman Allan McArtor spent 10 minutes with us talking about the release today and does not hold back from from cutting comments.


As posted earlier, today P&W’s president David Hess spoke at their media day in Florida at the West Palm Beach company facility.  Regular readers know that we have stated that P&W seems to be increasingly confident – their two decade old bet on the geared fan engine seems to be paying off.  Here are excerpts of Mr Hess’ speech – pardon the room echo and occasional cough and paper shuffling.


AirInsight has published another of its industry studies by the above title.  The regional market is called dynamic because there is so much activity in the ~100 seat segment. This market segment has typically been a graveyard. Continue reading

The sense at ISTAT 2011 that P&W had attracted a lot of attention and was building momentum has been confirmed with news that the PurePower engine (we prefer GTF)  has won a critical order. This is a fabulous win for P&W at IndiGo.

P&W has opened up a awesome lead over CFM’s LEAP-X.  To date the LEAP-X has been selected by COMAC for the C919.  It has not won any Airbus neo orders yet though that is bound to change because CFM has a big customer base that will stick with them.

The IndiGo order provides P&W with a big volume in orders – 300 engines is a fabulous boost.

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