As US airlines cut back and park most of their fleet, here’s data on the Top Ten busiest flown by US airlines through month-end August 2020. The numbers listed in the columns are flights during the month.


Here’s what we know about those tail numbers.

For perspective, here’s what 2019’s Top Ten look like.

And details on these tail numbers.

In “normal” times, the Hawaiian 717 fleet was very busy with short island hops. These were the most frequent fliers in the US industry.  On a daily basis, these averaged between 11 and 12 daily segments. 

The 2020 data through August is clearly not “normal” times.  Daily segments averaged between 5 and 6.  We note that the Alaska Airlines fleet of cargo is now listed among the Top Ten busiest. It interesting to note that even a Dash 8 makes an appearance averaging 5 daily segments.  Some Hawaiian 717s show up and this fleet averaged 6 daily segments for the period, half of what they were doing last year. 

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