Here is our monthly model update.  We have added more pages to the model to provide additional views on the data.

Page 1: Basic reporting of gross orders ( won’t provide net) and deliveries (the more important number). This page also adds maps for both O&D. For each year the maps and charts change dynamically.

Page 2: Deliveries by airline. Select an to see what deliveries were made. Notice the major swing from A320ceo to underway.  Similarly, note the rising demand for the A321.

Page 3: Looking at the backlog by and airline group.  Select either a group or an airline.

Page 4: Only 2019 data, showing deliveries by the customer in descending order.  No dynamics.

Page 5: Select a model from the pulldown menu.  The chart updates accordingly.

If you have any feedback on the model or have any questions, please email us. You know what to do next.

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