• 46 years ago, In 1973, MDC was scrambling to turn the DC-10 into a twin – SourceFlightGlobal

  • Boeing turns to high-powered defense attorneys in investigation – Source: Seattle Times
  • Announces First Public Electric Flight  – Source: Ampaire

  • hits billion milestone – Source: CFM

Business Aviation


  • Cathay Pacific Faulted For Data Breach, But Hackers’ Objective Unclear – Source: Forbes

  • Qatar Airways to seek compensation from Boeing over MAX grounding – Source: Reuters

  • ‘I’d rather hitchhike than fly Qantas, the new thought police airline’ – Source: The Australian

  • Southwest pilots endorse FAA’s proposed MAX training – Source: ATW


  • London Gatwick Airport managed to reduce its noise footprint by 7% in 2018 – Source: Airport-World


  • U.S. Army confirms KC-390 undergoing military certification testing at Yuma – Source: Alert5

  • Marine helicopter catches fire in flight – Source: Union-Tribune
  • U.S. will not accept more Turkish F-35 pilots over Russia defenses – Source: Reuters

Social Media of the Day

  • Getting a Lancaster ready – Source: Twitter
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