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May 20, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories about Boeing center on the whistleblower, and Boeing refuting his testimony with no findings of fatigue on older 787s. At the same time, Boeing is urging new checks to the nose of the aircraft based on its program review, a new requirement for airlines.

Stock websites continue to be critical as Boeing’s shares fall. For those who haven’t read it yet, Addison Schonland talks about two markets where Boeing has a strong lead over Airbus. Southwest Airlines, Boeing’s best 737 customer of all time, has once again reduced its aircraft expectations for 2024.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Is Boeing too big to fail? – Airport Technology  
  • Boeing claims no findings of fatigue on older 787 jets ahead of whistleblower testimony – Globe and Mail
  • Boeing to urge new 787 checks linked to jet’s multi-year review – BNN Bloomberg
  • Boeing slips after new airplane plans emerge – TipRanks
  • Two markets where Boeing thrashes Airbus – AirInsight
  • US’s Southwest further reduces expected FY24 MAX deliveries – ch-aviation
  • Airbus patent diagnoses plane malfunctions through sound – Daily Upside    
  • Analysis: Chinese carriers’ future widebody orders – Airline Geeks 

The Bottom Line

Boeing wants to aggressively get ahead of the whistleblower and the Congressional testimony to become public, and has released data on the 787. That is important, as Chinese carriers are potentially looking to replace their large Airbus A330 fleets with the 787-10 according to Airline Geeks.

Finally, Airbus is examining sound as a potential method for discovering faults, with a system of listening devices placed around the aircraft. Anything that can predict failures will only improve safety within the industry.

There were two more incidents with older 767 and 757 aircraft operated by Delta, but these stories are airline rather than Boeing related, and we haven’t included them. The tendency to mention any Boeing incident, even those that are airline related, remains in the press as the negative reporting continues. Stay tuned.

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