More Fleet modeling

We added a refinement, by way of a second model, to our current global fleet model based on reader feedback.  You can see the models here. Remember to click the double arrow at the bottom right of the model to maximize the view on your monitor. 

September transactions

September transactions showed a small recovery, relative to August, but is still way below what we saw in 2019.  No surprise really. The market remains soft and the ongoing uncertainty is a guide to expect more of the same.  Many transactions are being made, like new...
Morning Call: Wednesday 29 July 2020

Morning Call: Monday 27 July 2020

Commercial COVID-19 pandemic is changing airline fleet planning fundamentally – ATW Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has made a gamble that could catapult it into the global leagues of the aerospace industry – IrishTimes Airbus’ self-flying plane just...