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May 27, 2024
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The National Research Council Canada recently undertook a test flight with 100% unblended biofuels.

On October 29th, following a series of static engine tests and a ground run, NRC flew the world’s first civil flight powered by 100% unblended drop in biofuel. The biofuel flowed into the engine of the  Falcon 20 – one of NRC’s specifically equipped and best suited jet for this challenge. A second aircraft, the  NRC T-33, tailed the Falcon in flight and collected valuable information on the emissions generated by the biofuel. The goal of the flight was to evaluate the emissions and performance of this particular biofuel (named ReadiJet™). For more than 20 minutes, both engines of NRC’s Falcon 20 used only the biofuel, making this flight a historic moment in aviation. NRC was able to support its partners, Agrisoma Biosciences and Applied Research Associated, through the organization’s multidisciplinary expertise ranging from plant biotechnology , gas turbine research, flight research and emissions evaluation.

Group Leader Airborne Research Dave Marcotte discusses the test with us.



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