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Paris Air Show Day 4 – More Commitments from Airbus and Boeing

Paris Air Show Day 4 brought additional commitments from Airbus and Boeing, including an "unannounced major customer" who ordered 125 737 MAX 8 and optioned 50 more.  Airbus announced 2 new Iranian customers, Zagros Airlines for 8 A330neos and 20 A320neos, and Iran...

Paris Air Show Day 3 Drone Images

Here are some images from Wednesday at the Paris Air Show via drone, which offers a unique perspective on the flight line.  The weather was again hot and humid, with folks crowding at every air conditioned chalet and venue. https://youtu.be/oPC_oaZOhlQ

Paris Air Show Day 3 – The Orders Slow Down

Wednesday, Paris Air Show Day 3, had a slowdown in order quantity, as is normally the case. By Thursday, most of the activity will finish as the show moves from the industry to public days. All in all, except for the exceptionally hot weather making the air...

A Drone’s Eye View of the Paris Air Show 2017

Here's the airshow from a new perspective. https://youtu.be/lfAYJ5txvsI