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May 26, 2024
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DCM is a vertically integrated supplier of aviation components, based near Montreal.  The company has grown through acquisitions to encompass four divisions, each a center of excellence in its own right.  Those centers include aviation welding (formerly AWI), tubing (DCM Aerospace), manufacturing (Trident) and assembly, and electronic testing (Sinters).  The company has four industrial sites in the greater Montreal area located in Blainville, Boisbriand, Boucherville, and Montreal.

We spoke with Eric Ledoux, President, and CEO of DCM, to discuss the company and its differentiated position in the supply chain.

DCM fundamentally specializes in the manufacturing and assembly of small to medium-sized aviation components.  The company today employs about 350 employees, with revenues about $60 million, serving major customers including Bombardier, Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Heroux-Devtek.

The manufacturing facilities at DCM are quite impressive, with dozens of 5-axis CMC machines as shown in the photos below:

With a division specializing in tubing, and a division specializing in welding, components such as this welded tube can be delivered by DMC in-house.

DCM provides a full assembly of components, as illustrated by the component shown below.   With full capabilities, including electronics testing, assembly, and finishing, the company provides complete and tested subassemblies to OEMs.

The Bottom Line

In an era when OEMs prefer to receive completed subassemblies than parts, specialized shops have needed to adapt to a new environment.  DCM, with capabilities in machining, tubing, welding, and electrical testing, can provide completed components to OEMs.  Because it can provide multiple processes in-house, it can assure on-time performance and quality for its customers.  The future for DCM looks bright as it leverages and integrates its four core capabilities for the aerospace industry.

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