Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing To Book Massive Quarterly Loss As It Takes $4.9 Billion Charge On 737 MAX Fallout – Source: Forbes

  • Are cellphones a flight danger? They could be on these Boeing jets – Source: Bloomberg

  • Airbus closes in on Air France jetliner deal – Source: Reuters

  • United presses Boeing for ‘clarity’ on proposed NMA- Source: BusinessJournal

  • approves $10 billion deal to modernize fleet with Boeing’s Dreamliner – Source: CNBC
  • FAA Has No Timeline for Lifting Grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max – Source: Bloomberg
  • reveals future green airliner vision – Source: AeroSociety

Business Aviation

  • Electric Skymaster For GA Market – Source: AvWeek


  • OpenSky’s M-02 jet-powered glider – Source: Twitter

  • Flying with the Northern Lights – Source: – Twitter

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