Commercial Aviation

  • Embraer’s receives type certification – Source: FlightGlobal
  • Ghana airline is close to an order for ARJ21 – Source: SCMP
  • Boeing’s Disaster Could Turn China Into Aviation Superpower – Source: DailyBeast
  • What happened when one US asked for more training before flying the Source: Quartz

Business Aviation

  • Textron rolls out Latitude #200 – Source: Textron


  • Jet Airways management proposes halting operations – Source: Reuters
  • Lufthansa takes a hit from warning of worse than expected loss – Source: FT
  • Boeing sees me as its ‘piggy bank’, Lion Air co-founder says – Source: Reuters
  • United Airlines Returns To Africa With World’s Only U.S. To Cape Town Flight – Source: Forbes

  • German plane blocks runway at Berlin airport – Source: FOX


  • MD Helicopters develops one of the deadliest attack helicopters in its class – Source: DefenseBlog
  • Boeing reveals concept images of new F-15EX – Source: AirRecognition

Social Media of the Day

  • Despite the troubles of Jet Airways there is high scope for growth – Source: IBA
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