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pilatus-pc24 This aircraft may be the fastest selling now.  Introduced at EBACE, Pilatus has sold out if first production run in two days.

That means the first 84 aircraft to be built in three years are accounted for. A remarkable debut.  At about $9m per airplane, it is a very impressive.

Pilatus has a great reputation for building robust turboprops.  One of which (PC-12NG) is currently flying Amelia Rose Earhart around the world.

The Pilatus PC-24 in scheduled to start deliveries in 2017. There are some good reasons why the company’s first ever jet aircraft attracted attention at EBACE. The PC-24 has Williams FJ44-4A engines and will become the world’s first business jet that can use short unpaved runways. It can seat up to 10 and shares many of features with the PC-12, including an aft cargo door and re-reconfigurable cabin seating. It comes with a range of 2,245 miles and cruise at 489 mph.  Being a Pilatus, it is also a looker.

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