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May 26, 2024
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Wayne Coulson is CEO of Coulson Air Tankers.  Last week we wrote about how the company is retiring the last two Martin Mars – seventy years after they were made.  How many aircraft have worked that long?

Mr Coulson reflects on their experience with this amazing aircraft.

2 thoughts on “Wayne Coulson reflects on the Martin Mars

  1. Having worked, lived in, and raised my family here in Port Alberni for the past 49 years, I still get a shiver everytime I hear the ‘bomber’ going overhead. Congratulations to the owners, engineers, and crews that have sustained us here and
    elsewhere over the years with their excellent service record on fire suppression. We all tend to consider them part of our history and families. Bill Frew

  2. I watched “The A-Team” (2010 theatrical version) this weekend and was delighted to see a short sequence with the Martin Mars as a part of the plot.

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