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February 27, 2024
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With all the excitement around the first fight of the CS300, many may have forgotten about the other test flight program underway in Toulouse.  Airbus’ A320neo took off January for some upgrades and was back in the sky in February.

Even though February is a short month, the accumulated hours are considerably lower than what had been added earlier.  Three days into March, and the program accumulated another near seven hours.


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6 thoughts on “A320neo Flight Test Update

  1. What is the total amount of hours required to certify the A320neo? And more importantly, why is it slowing down? Is there a technical problem?

  2. Regardless of hours it is and will obliterate the Cseries out of the skies. A further blow to that program is the snub by Qatar which would have been a prestigious customer and news of Bombardier even considering selling the program. I’m still scratching my head why such a superior high tech game changing, product can’t even make a dent. I swear the program is cursed. I can’t think of any other explanation. It’s cursed I tells you.

  3. If you can’t think of any other explanation I have one to offer. Qatar dropped the CSeries in favour of the A320 a long time ago. Apparently the reason for the switch is that Qatar needed the support of France to obtain the World Cup in 2022.

  4. Wow. I didn’t see that coming. It’s like you came from left field with that one. It sounds almost like a tin foil hat theory. Here’s another one. Since Qatar funds jihadis and France is a major destination for those scumbags. Do you think it’s their way of coddling the French to opening the border floodgates a little wider? Sounds possible. Money masked strange bedfellows. How the hell did we get off the subject anyways. I knew from a few years ago this deal wasn’t going to happen. Al Baker is an arrogant player who’s been playing those Airbus guys like worry beads. He didn’t make it easy for them just to buy those 350s.

  5. From the start, Mr Baker has used and abuse the press to pump up is image. Why would someone talk to the press about a product that he dislike when great progress is made(CS300). Airbus will slash prices in order to keep Bombardier at bay! Qatar has used Bombardier to cut a deal for A319NEO which were latter traded for A320NEO. With simple manipulation Mr Baker seem to show interest in the Cseries and got a great bargain from the direct competitor…For one thing Mr Baker should thank Bombardier for bringing this new barganing tool : CS300.

  6. I don’t know what Al Baker’s intentions really were but I suspected something when his public interest in the C300 coincided with his wanting extra landing rights for his airline in Canada. Canada has poured a lot of money in BBD and I believe he was granted his wish.He also criticized the Airbus 350 from the start and look where that ended up. I guess when you have that much money to burn you can make the biggest boys on the block dance to your tune.

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