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Airbus will open a new Customer Care Center in Toulouse in December, where at one location some 1.000 engineers from Customer Services, Engineering, and Suppliers will offer in-fleet support to airline customers. The aim of co-locating the teams is to improve the efficiency and speed of its services. Airbus concentrates customer care center in one place.

“It is the accumulation of some over 1.000 engineers who are working already today at Airbus but at different organizations and in different buildings. We are going to co-locate them all,” said Klaus Roewe, Head of Airbus Services during an online media event on October 14. “The mission of this all is to take of our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week for whatever comes along. It can be reactive support because a customer for a reason has an aircraft-on-ground (AOG). It can be to improve our corrective support when there are major in-service problems. But it can also be anticipated support, which means we are being prepared for something that hasn’t occurred yet.”


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