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February 23, 2024
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ATR reported their 2015 numbers and they are impressive. The OEM set a new record of deliveries at 88 aircraft.  It received 76 firm orders and 81 options and it passed the threshold of 200 operators.

ATR achieved a record turnover in 2015, increasing to $2bn (2014 was $1.8bn). During  2015 it increased deliveries by 72% over the 51 deliveries in 2010.   The chart shows the company’s performance since 2010.  Note the larger airplane is now the far preferred model.

The OEM provided this table which underscores its strong backlog.  At the start of 2016, the backlog sits at 260 or three years of production at the current rate.  Since 2010, ATR has been the bestselling aircraft with 90 seats or less worldwide. The OEM represents 37% of all aircraft sales in this category (77% if only turboprops are considered).


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1 thought on “ATR’s 2015 numbers

  1. Impressive indeed, especially considering that in the early 2000s they were about to close for lack of orders!

    It will be interesting, though, to see how the sales develop with oil prices going down. This makes small jets more attractive and as a matter of fact several (state funded) models are looking for customers offering discounts that a private company can t compete with. The 100 pax turboprop seems to be dead for the moment.

    Compliments also to Bomb who managed to keep the Q line open, even though they had a development stalemate due to the C series.

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