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February 29, 2024
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It is unusual to get so much news from the company. Two releases in two days.  Yesterday we heard that a new customer based in “the Americas” signed an LoI for 12+18 CS100s.  Also mentioned is that wing join on the first the CS300 has stared too.  Today the announcement is that airBaltic has firmed its LoI for 10+10 CS300s.

A good ending for 2012 it seems.


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1 thought on “Bombardier ends 2012 on a high note

  1. Le meilleur est à venir pour Bombardier, le pain noir achève ! Les investissements ont étés lourds, mais pour les Challenger, Global, CRJ, C Séries , les commandes pour plusieurs années sont là pour en témoigner ! Louis Édouard Imbert actionnaire.

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