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In the two minute video you will hear (and see) why Bombardier says the C Series is quieter than the already quiet Q400.  The demo was for the local media of course, to demonstrate the case the airplane will work well at an expanded Billy Bishop Airport in the heart of downtown Toronto.

There was only one customer on site – Bob Deluce from Porter.  Mr Deluce noted that the Q400 and the CS were incomparable in terms of taxi noise – one could not hear the CS taxi.  He felt the flyby noise was very close but favored the CS.  When asked about the Billy Bishop flyover by the CS, he smiled and noted that along with their ice cream dessert the 500 people at the airport BBQ were getting a surprise visitor from Bombardier.

The case for the airport’s expansion was made by a member of the city council with who we spoke.  He noted Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America, and like its peers, could use more airport capacity.  “To be a world city we need to connect all our transportation nodes” he said.  To do this, the city’s leadership needed to have “vision” he added.

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