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May 30, 2024
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Britain has an aviation treasure named Captain Eric Brown.  Captain Brown spent 50 years flying as a British Navy pilot, then on to test piloting and helicopter service.  There are very few aircraft he has not flown or tested.  He’s flown everything from Gladiators to the F-4 Phantom, so he is an instinctive test pilot and is an expert in handling aircraft.

While Captain Brown says the highlight of his career was doing the first jet carrier landing, he has many unique experiences:

  • Flying with Ernst Udet in pre-war Germany
  • Royal Navy career (including having an aircraft carrier sunk underneath him)
  • Enemy Aircraft Flight – testing captured German/Axis aircraft
  • Interrogating Goering, Kurt Tank & other Nazis
  • Chosen for UK supersonic Miles M.52 project
  • US Navy test pilot school

Take a listen to this remarkable man.  We thank colleagues at the Royal Aeronautic Society for helping arrange this conversation.

For more on Captain Brown, please watch these videos from the Royal Aeronautic Society from 2010.  If these videos are as intriguing to you as they are to us, we recommend you search for more on YouTube.

This video was made by BAE.

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