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While Bombardier is making progress on its Learjet 85 and has announced key suppliers for the Global 7000 and 8000, several statements from key executives have raised speculation of new business aircraft around the corner.

Steve Ridolfi, President of Business Aircraft, indicated that he would expect a CSeries Business Jet in the lineup and contribute positively to the CSeries program, with between 6 and 24 sales annually.  However, he also indicated that with Bombardier’s priority on delivering airliners and launching the CS100 and CS300, the launch of the CSeries business jet will have to wait a bit longer.

While not providing details, Bombardier Aerospace President Guy Hachey indicated that significant investment will be forthcoming for Learjet, beyond the Learjet 85, in an effort to increase market share (currently about 18%).  This is leading to speculation of a forthcoming new aircraft announcement in the works – but we’ll need to stay tuned to find out when, and more details.

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