In an unusual step, a number of airlines including KLM, Transavia, Delta Air Lines, easyJet have announced summary proceedings against the Dutch government to prevent the introduction of a capacity cap at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in November. The airlines, which are backed by IATA, ERA, and Airlines 4 Europe, are opposing a cap of 460.000 movements for environmental and noise pollution reasons. Dutch airlines to fight Schiphol cap in court.

It is not clear when a Dutch court will take on the summary proceedings, but the announcement comes at a very tense moment in Dutch politics. There has been growing opposition to air travel in The Netherlands, with environmentalist groups and political parties on the left citing the urgent need to do something to curb climate change. At the same time, there is a fierce debate over nitrogen emissions that are above European levels and negatively impact nature areas in various parts of the country.


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