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February 27, 2024
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By amending the original proposal of the European Commission last Thursday, the European Parliament Transport committee has significantly upped ambitions to raise the level of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) until 2050. The EP voted to have a minimum of 85 percent of SAF available for the aviation sector in 2050, up from 63 percent in the original draft. The 85 percent includes a minimum of 50 percent of synthetic aviation fuels or e-fuels or electricity, up from 28 percent in the draft. European Parliament raises the bar of SAF targets.

Increasing the share of SAF is an instrumental part of the EC’s Fit for 55 strategy to get aviation to net zero emissions by 2050. Unveiled a year ago, the draft of the ReFuel EU plan has been extensively amended after intense debate and lobbying. Most changes are targeted for the middle of this century.


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