The vision for a midsize, long-haul, hydrogen-based airliner was already shared last December, but last week, the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) delivered on its promise to present two more FlyZero concepts for regional and short-haul aircraft this year. They are part of a technology and research project from the UK government. FlyZero’s three concepts for hydrogen-based aircraft.

“Three next-generation aircraft concepts have been created as part of the FlyZero project to help understand and demonstrate the potential of zero-carbon emission technologies in aviation”, ATI says in a media statement released on March 11. “The concepts also highlight the crucial future technology opportunities for the UK and additionally, each has its own specific objectives. The FlyZero regional aircraft is designed to demonstrate the feasibility of a fuel cell-powered aircraft, while the narrowbody explores how hydrogen could replace carbon-based fuels in the largest and most competitive commercial aviation sector. Finally, the FlyZero midsize assesses the potential for hydrogen to cover long-haul routes, overturning the view that hydrogen aircraft would be limited to shorter routes.”


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