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May 29, 2024
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Bombardier today announced an increase in the range of its Global 7000 business jet from 7,400nm to 7,700nm. The additional range that has resulted from the flight test program makes the Global 7000 the longest range business jet, beating the competing Gulfstream G650ER by 200nm.

According to Bombardier, a combination of factors contributed to the increase in range, including aerodynamics, the wing design, and engines. The overall design of the aircraft apparently turned out to be better than the sum of its parts, resulting in better than estimated performance.

The Global 7000 already has a larger cabin than its key competitor, with 4 full cabin sections that are each 9 feet long, versus three sections on the G650. It is now both the largest, and longest-range business jet available, enabling routes like Singapore to San Francisco non-stop. The Global 7000 is fully transpacific capable, including switching hemispheres.

Bombardier has opted to keep pricing the same, and pass through the benefits of additional range to its existing customers and order book. The Global 7000 is on target for certification in the second half of this year, and on target for initial deliveries and entry into service before year end. The focus for Bombardier Business Aircraft this year will be the production ramp-up for the Global 7000 to meet the existing demand.

While there is no firm time line, the sister Global 8000 aircraft will begin shortly after the Global 7000 EIS, and will benefit from the strong commonality that will carry-over from the 7000 in certification efforts. While the increase range for the Global 7000 takes the pressure off for a rapid introduction of the 8000, Bombardier is planning to announce the timetable for the second model once the 7000 enters service later this year.

The Bottom Line: The Global 7000 has leapfrogged the G650ER to become the largest and longest range business jet, with unmatched capabilities. There is a new king of the hill in the business jet market.  The game of leapfrog continues, and Bombardier just made a major hop.

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