Data Audit Page

What to look for

  • Using huge datasets creates challenges to find anomalies.
  • An audit benefits from turning datasets into charts and graphs, looking at patterns.
  • Select among the airlines to see data pattern changes that do not fit with history or unusual moves.

For optimal viewing on your monitor, please click on the double-headed arrow at the bottom right of the model.

Form 41 – Table 5.2


  • Delta Air Lines either misreported or deliberately misfiled data and it appears DoT has not audited the data.  Compared to its peers it seems the Delta data is plausible until the numbers are spilt by aircraft type.  The results shown are implausible. 

T2 Air Carrier Summary Data

There are several data anomalies.

  • Breeze shows a brief A320 service – apparently, the airline hired an A320 from Global Crossing briefly.
  • JetBlue A321neo filing appears inaccurate (Hours and Metrics pages)
  • Southwest MAX8 and 737-800 filings appear inaccurate (all three pages)
  • MAX/NEO page lists the improved fuel burn of the new models over the previous models. The red spaces highlight data oddities.


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