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Aircraft Data Model Library

ModelFocusBenchmark?Source DataView
A320 Family Fuel BurnUSYesT-2Click
737 Family Fuel BurnUSYesT-2Click
Aircraft Metrics - Middle of MarketUSYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
Airbus Orders & DeliveriesGlobalYesAirbusClick
Boeing Orders & DeliveriesGlobalYesBoeingClick
Airbus & Boeing Combined ModelGlobalYesAirbus & BoeingClick
Operating Costs By AircraftUSYesT-2; Form 41 P5.4; P7Click
Aircraft ESG in Revenue Ton MilesUSYesT-2Click
Aircraft ESG - By SeatsUSYesT-2Click
New YTD DeliveriesGlobalYesVariousClick
eVTOL Deal TrackerGlobalYesVariousClick

US Airlines Data Library

US airline fleetUSNoFR24Click
US Airline Operating ExpensesUSYesForm 41 P6Click
US Airline Financial MetricsUSNoForm 41 p1.2; T-2; T-100Click
US Airline Block Minute MetricsUSYesT-2; Form 41Click
US Airline Carbon ModelUSYesT-2Click
US Airline Financial MetricsUSYesP1.2; T-2; T-100Click
On-Time Schedule PerformanceUSNoOn-timeClick
US Airlines Operational SnapshotUSYesT-2Click

General Data Model Library

ModelFocusUsesBenchmark Use?SourcesView
A320 Family Fuel Burn Model USAircraftYesT-2Click
737 Family Fuel Burn Model USAircraftYesT-2Click
US Airline Metrics - Aircraft FocusUSAircraftYesT-2Click
US Fleet Matching ModelUSAircraftYesT-2; T-100Click
Aircraft Metrics - Middle of MarketUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
US Airline Fleet ProfileUSAircraftFR24Click
Airbus Orders & DeliveriesGlobalAircraftYesAirbusClick
Boeing Orders & DeliveriesGlobalAircraftYesBoeingClick
Airbus & Boeing Combined ModelGlobalAircraftYesAirbus & BoeingClick
Fuel Cost ModelUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
Operating Costs By AircraftUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.4; P7Click
MAX vs NEOUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
LEAP vs GTFUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
A320 vs 737 Fuel Burn ModelUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
Fuel Burn CostsUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
Engine Cost ModelUSAircraftYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
Fleet ActivityUSAircraftOn-TimeClick
Av Stage Length, Flight & PassengersUSAircraftYesT-1Click
Stage Length ModelUSAircraftT-2Click
Fuel burn by PlaneUSAircraftYesT-2Click
US Airline Operating ExpensesUSAirline financialsYesForm 41 P6Click
US Airline Financial MetricsUSAirline financialsForm 41 p1.2; T-2; T-100Click
Aircraft Fuel Cost MetricsUSAirline financialsYesT-2Click
US Airlines Net IncomeUSAirline financialsForm 41 P1.2; T-2; Click
US Airline Op CostsUSAirline financialsYesForm 41 P5.2; T-2; FR24Click
US Airline Fleet - Size & AgeUSAirline fleet USFleetClick
US Airlines Operating RevenuesUSAirlinesForm 41 P1.2Click
US Airline Fuel BurnUSAirlinesYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
US Regional AirlinesUSAirlinesYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
US Airlines Margin ForecastUSAirlinesForm 41 P1.2Click
US Majors Ops CostUSAirlinesYesT-2; Form 41 P5.2Click
Flight PlannerUSAirlinesOn-TimeClick
Airport TimesUSAirlinesOn-TimeClick
OT-dashboardUSAirlinesT-2; Form 41 P5.2; OntimeClick
US Airlines Traffic & Load Factor with ForecastUSTraffic flowsT-100Click
Key MarketsGlobalTraffic flowsVariousClick
DB1BUSTraffic flowsDB1BClick
Monthly Transportation StatsUSTraffic flowsMonthly Transportation StatsClick
Payload ModelUSAirlinesT-3Click
T-100 All Carriers (All)GlobalAirlinesYesT-100 Mkt; T0100 SegmentClick
T-100 Domestic Mkt (US)USAirlinesT-100Click
T-100 Domestic SegmentUSAirlinesT-100Click
Monthly TransactionsGlobalAircraftYesVariousClick
T-100 Domestic ForecastUSAirlinesT-100Click
US Airline Staffing RatiosUSAirlinesYesForm 41 P1a; T-100DClick
US Airline Fuel Prices 1USAirlinesYesForm 41 p12aClick
US Airline Fuel Prices 2USAirlinesYesForm 41 p12aClick
US Freight Airline FleetUSAirlinesT-2Click
FAA's Monthly Business Jet ReportUSAircraftFAAClick
Carbon Emission ModelGlobalAirlines & AircraftYesT-2